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ix | Fire Control theory. Principles of Combustion and extinction, Fire Spread in a building, Types of fire and method of Control, Incendiary bombs Cause of fire and its precaution, Carelessness frayed ele-tric Wire, improper storage of inflamable liquids. Fire fighting equipments, their use and care. Stirrup pumps and 8. P. Drill, Chemical fire extinguisher, Practical 9. |. Control Smoke Chamber. . Psychological War-fare—How to counteract rumours, Panic— its prevention and control. Rescue Work Type of buildings and forms of collapse. Precautions in entering, damage of buildings. Rescue ‘DOES’ and ‘DONOTS’. Rescue and stages of Rescue. Use of ladders and simple rescue equipment for rescue purposes. Methods of rescue, Human Crutch fore aft and hand Carriage methods. Methods of rescue lightly trapped Casualties. Suspentions methods of lowering and raising Casualties by ropes. Debris clearence, recovery of valuables and corrent method of x hard tools, Cutting of gas, electricity and water supply. Hygine, Sanitation and First Aid Human Physiology. A short description of bones, musclés and arteries. Arterial, Veinous and Capillary bleeding and methods for Atoping each. ~Hlow to carry wounded person. Making temporary splints y ond treatment of fractures. / Artificial respiration, ‘Sow to treat a person in schok, Cases of burns, heat stroke, Unconsciousness or drowning, snake bite. ATOMIC WEAPONS Structure of atom. Neuclear Weapon. Missiles, Hazzards of Nuclear Weapon and Protection against them.

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